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Konkurs badawczy " Ekologia w mieście - zostań młodym badaczem przyrody"

Stowarzyszenie Ziemia i My - jedno ze stowarzyszeń ekologicznych w
województwie ślaskim, zaprasza do udziału w ogólnopolskim konkursie
badawczym "Ekologia w mieście - zostań młodym badaczem przyrody",
skierowanym do wszystkich typów szkół. Konkurs jest częścią programu
edukacyjnego dofinansowanego z Ministerstwa Edukacji Narodowej.

Szczegóły dotyczące konkursu można także znaleźć na stronie:


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#6 | wentiont1976 dnia luty 02 2013 11:54:45
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#7 | wentiont1976 dnia luty 02 2013 11:55:10
' 'Mad Men Bride' Recap Soon-to-be bride Taylor loves the television program "Mad Men" so much that she and her soon-to-be husband Jason want to have their "My Fair Wedding" just like the television show. Since it's set in the 1960s, that decade has to be part of the theme. Both Taylor and Jason live in Huntington Beach, California and both work in the education field. They met while taking an education class and discovered that they not only both loved children but baseball too. Jason proposed to Taylor at an Angels baseball game in Los Angeles. How sweet is that? Even though Taylor firmly believes that she should have been born during the 1960s, she's having some problems getting her wedding and the theme planned out properly. So who gets called in to help? No one but David Tutera himself. Both Taylor and Jason are thrilled to meet David and they each let out a sigh of relief. First thing David needs to do is to talk to the bride flower girl dresses cheap . On a table Taylor has lots of sparkly, '60s type of items. Christian Louboutin Opens First Store In Korea She has some decanters and shakers, and other things that can be found in a bar too. Taylor wanted to make sure that she had something in the traditional blue color for her wedding so she bedazzled some blue crystals on the high heel of the shoes she plans to wear during the wedding. It took her eight hours to put the crystals on the heel, and that's eight hours per shoe. Then she had a cake topper that has the bride holding a shotgun on the groom. David said her "Mad Men" '60s concept is brilliant but the rest, especially the cake topper, is ridiculous. After looking at the items on the table David asks to see the bridesmaid's dresses. David's quote was, "No, Christian Louboutin is really a accurate practical wonder no, no, no, no!" The dresses were boring and basic black and charcoal colored. They were also way too long and the bridesmaids needed accessories. In simple words, David hated the dress. Taylor then tried on her wedding gown. The gown was nice and it looked beautiful on her but it didn't have any of the '60s theme. She liked the dress because it's made with satin and lace and it was the only dress she could find with a combination of both fabrics. Taylor said she loved the dress but wouldn't mind if David changed it which led David to wonder if the bride really did love the gown. Next David had to visit the venue. It was nice with the ceremony part to be held outside and the celebration part inside. "My Fair Wedding" genius, David, said that the venue was nice and on the Latin American side but he doesn't think that it says "Mad Men." Viewers are sure he's going to change it. Off they go to get new dresses for the bridesmaids. Since Taylor wants the color yellow in her wedding, the three bridesmaids dresses are yellow. The first choice is sleeveless in a classic '60s style; the second is also sleeveless with sparkles; and the third has sleeves on it but both the bride and her bridesmaid say that it's too conservative. Next David and Taylor go looking for a new wedding gown. Each of the three gowns they have to choose from are short, just at the middle of her calf. The first gown is very nice and Taylor loves it but she doesn't like how the sleeves look. David assures her that the sleeves can be changed. The second gown has a shawl top with a touch of sparkle. The third dress is the simplest one and Taylor loves the veil with it. David even found a blue petticoat that she could wear under her gown for the touch of blue she wants. David and Taylor are now off for some fun. He takes her to the LA Center Studio where "Mad Men" is filmed. The whole wedding party meets them there where David says that they will all be in a photo shoot. They're dressed up in dresses and pants from the '60s with make up and hair done as well. Then lots of pictures are taken of them. The pictures will be seen during the wedding on huge screens. David then tells them that the wedding will be held at LA Center Studio, right where the show is filmed. On the day of the wedding David was running around to make sure that it looked like a scene from the television show. There are yellow flowers, a huge yellow wedding cake, and the floor was in black and white tiles so it looked like a bar.
#8 | wentiont1976 dnia luty 02 2013 11:56:39
#9 | wentiont1976 dnia luty 02 2013 11:57:02
2 are very small women and the third is plus size Here is a web site that offers b-maids dresses up to a size 30 and they are beautiful. You can look up a store near you and call for prices wedding dresses lace . The prices on the site are usually a little higher than what we used to sell them for Christian Louboutin new for women . the place where I worked was drove in the ground by the new owner, but I did the alterations and seen plenty of plus size and and am considered plus size too! Formal wear runs small. But if you are aready small or wear junior sizes they can get their actual size, most of the time CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Of Shoes and Sculpture , but the shop will measure them and have a chart to go by. the plus sizes are usually a little extra short prom dresses 2013 , I think marys was about 12$ for 18- 22 and 22$ for 24-30. THey have good seams so they can be let out at least 2" or maybe more, but keep in mind the trim or chiffon. I hope that helps. David Bridal is a Wal-Mart of bridal shops and they will not tell you all the details so in the end you might spend $300 a b-maid. So ask about extra charges for shipping, alterations(which that what I do too and they are high)extra sizes, rush charges and any other silly questions you can think of. I hope that helps. If not, be willing to consider them all in slightly different dresses - I am due to be in a wedding (on the groom side actually) and the bride wanted me to wear an orange strapless number like her tiny skinny bridesmaids. I told her that there wasn enough boning in the world to keep my chest up in that thing, and we considered a lot of different dresses before I went with a black formal jacket style dress to match the guys a little more. Your help will be greatly appreciated (x-7) / 3 - (4/3)=? x-7 over 3 minus 4 over 3 (x^2) / (x+3) + 9/(x+3)=? x squared over x+3 Plus 9 over x+3 (x^2+2x) / 3x - (x^2+5x+6) / 3x =? x squared plus 2x over 3x minus x squared plus 5x plus 6 over 3x I getting married and the dress code is formal. very formal. I want my bridesmaids to be able to wear their dresses again but I also don want to sacrifice the style, what should they wear? The color will be black, can it be knee length/calf length?
#10 | wentiont1976 dnia luty 02 2013 11:57:45
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